Things to Know About iTero Invisalign Scanning

An exact representation of the teeth is vital for treating teeth alignment and orthodontic issues. iTero scanners are the latest dental equipment offering a detailed and accurate digital orthodontic scan. It greatly helps to revolutionize the Invisalign treatment. Invisalign are transparent orthodontic devices used for straightening your teeth. The innovative features of iTero make it compatible with the Invisalign system. Thus your dentist can create custom clear aligners based on the 3-D dental images from the iTero scanner. Visit to know about the state of the art dental services. Find out more here about the features and benefits of iTero digital scanners.

iTero Digital Scanner-Modern Dental Diagnostic Device

i-Tero digital scanners are intraoral scanners designed for capturing the mouths of patients. It is a laser scanner used for creating clear 3D dental images. The images can be viewed using screens connected to the i-Tero scanner. It is mainly used for creating dental models. Dentists use the 3D prints to come up with informed decisions and customized treatment plans for orthodontic problems.

i-Tero Scanners Aids Invisalign Treatment

i-Tero scanners are modern diagnostic devices used by dentists for visualizing your teeth. They are highly compatible with the Invisalign system. The use of i-Tero scanners helps to get the best out of the Invisalign treatment. The following are the various processes involved in the Invisalign treatment and the significant role of i-Tero scanners.

Scanning: Your dentist makes use of a wand that moves around the patient’s mouth. This gives a three-dimensional visualization of your mouth. The real-time 3-D dental image can be viewed immediately on the screen.

Invisalign Treatment Plan:i-Tero scanner offers a clear visualization of the teeth. This enables dentists to come up with an ideal Invisalign treatment plan. The dental images provide a valuable source of information to customise the Invisalign treatment plan.

Fabricate Invisalign Aligners: The scanned images are used for fabricating the Invisalign aligners by the Invisalign system.

Benefits of iTero Invisalign Scanning

There are several benefits of using iTero Invisalign scanning compared to the 2-scanners and conventional impressions.

Accurate: The results of iTero scanners are accurate. iTero scanners can capture the gingival structures and precise contours of your teeth. Dentists make use of the precise impression of your teeth for better orthodontic treatment plans.

Safe: Laser is used for capturing the images and the patient is not exposed to any type of radiation. The single-use imaging shield of iTero scanners helps to prevent infection. Thus it is entirely safe to use iTero scanners for Invisalign treatment.

Ease and Comfort: Patients may feel uncomfortable when taking conventional impressions. The use of iTero scanners make the patients comfortable during the scanning process.

Fast: i-Tero scanner displays the dental images on the screen without any delay. There is no need for dentists and patients to wait for the results.

Improved Success Rate: Enhance the success rate of Invisalign treatment with the use of i-Tero scanners. The scanners offer clear digital images to the Invisalign system which enhances the quality of the treatment plan.

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